How do I live a courageous faith?

How can I live in God's promises?

Can I really dwell with Jesus in His promised land for me?


Welcome to the Jesus Led Adventure podcast where Stephanie Bryant will share Godly insight, wisdom and truths God has taught her regarding how to live in your promised land.

Think of Stephanie like a passionate, personal guide for your faith journey. 

No matter where you are on your journey Jesus can get you to your Promised Land.

If you desire to know God’s calling for your life, live a courageous faith and understand how to dwell with God, this podcast is for you.

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Have you ever wondered where Jesus is taking you on your faith journey? Maybe the point of trusting Jesus is to arrive and thrive in your promised land? This podcast is for each of you who desire to know God's calling on your life and want to dwell with Him in the land of milk and honey, a nourishing sweet spot only God could create for you.

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Episode # 1 -What is your Jesus Led Adventure

If you’ve ever wished you knew what you were supposed to do with your life, wondered how to make big life choices & wanted the secret to not missing God’s call on your life, then I have a few insights for you. Your calling is more than a purpose or a mission, it’s completely God’s idea.

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Episode # 2 - Your Calling

Maybe you’ve been blown away by how God has come through on His promises in your life. Your heart might ache with emotions of disappointment and even anger when discussing God’s promises. Whatever your experience, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make on your Jesus Led Adventure is what you believe about God and His promises. God is always offering His promises to you, but learning to say “Yes!” matters.

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Episode # 3 -
Promises of God

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