How do I know God's voice
& have the courage to obey? 

How do I dwell with Jesus when my life is so crazy?

Can my life be an adventure & 
still filled with the Holy Spirit?

Welcome to the Jesus Led Adventure podcast where I will share Godly insight, wisdom and truths God has taught me regarding how to live in your personal promised land.

Yes, you can dwell with God in the good plans He has for you and your life will feel more like an adventure than a religion!

Think of me like a passionate, friend for your faith journey. Your very own Courage Coach & Spiritual Guide.

If you desire to know God’s calling for your life, live a courageous faith and understand how to dwell with God, this podcast is for you. No matter where you are on your journey Jesus can get you to your Promised Land


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Do you run to worship? 🙌🏾 
Running is not just for exercise but for worship. Some of my thoughts on this powerful subject regarding our bodies and how to experience God while running.…

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This week we interviewed Emily Allen on the Walk Run Soar Podcast. After a near-death experience, Emily started walking to move toward healing and wholeness. She's walked more than a thousand miles this year with her 7 kids and husband, finding a new spiritual practice. Emily is also the founder of and an author. Her new collaborative book is Strong, Brave, an Beautiful: Stories of Hope for Moms in the Weeds

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Chasing God's Glory,
Dorina & Shawn


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