I never thought I would live on a small hobby farm in Northwest Arkansas with my outdoorsman husband of 15 years, Barry, and our miracle daughter, Gabrielle.

I solo parent during most weeks since Barry travels extensively with his job. We cherish time as a family doing chores on the farm with our chickens, honeybees, dog, Piper, and cat, Mr. Gracie.

Welcome to my online slice of home...

eating our way through each destination, making new friends with everyone we meet and combining spontaneity with planned experiences.

Our latest international adventure was in Italy for my 40th birthday. 12 days with the two people I love the most was the best gift I could have asked for!

We love to travel as a family

I love turquoise and dusty rose. I try to be a mom that pours spiritual truths into her daughter while making sweet memories along the way. I enjoy having a fun trip to plan or look forward to. I never drank coffee, even in college, until I became a sleep deprived mama.

I love the city as a much as a I like the country. I don’t enjoy cooking but I like to try new restaurants. I love to host a party, especially for birthdays. The beach is my special place with the Lord. I hear from him more clearly there than anywhere. Most major breakthroughs have been where the water meets the shore.

I'm a self-diagnosed enneagram 7

I’m as surprised as anyone to be writing and speaking. I co-founded Incourage.me while I worked at DaySpring. Then, I owned S. Bryant Social Marketing for years helping bloggers, authors, non-profits and companies with their marketing and social media.

For the last few years I’ve been a stay at home mom. 

And to do that He needed me to share His words through a podcast, writing & events.

In junior high I was a big fan of the choose your own adventure stories. Now, I’m letting Jesus write my story and it’s becoming more of an adventure than I could have chosen or imagined. 

But recently, God asked me to lead His children into the promised land...


living on
a farm in the
middle of town

things i love


having an "ah ha" moment when reading the Bible

things i love


traveling with my family

things i love


hosting a
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things i love



things i love

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